Delhi to Pahalgam

Jitendra Pahalgam

From Delhi one can travel to many tourist destinations in northern India, including many scenic places in Jammu and Kashmir. There are wide, motorable highways which connect Delhi with any part of the country especially all the important cities of north India.

There are comprehensive railway lines which connect Delhi to many places in Jammu and Kashmir as well as domestic flights which ply to airports in Jammu and Kashmir such as Jammu and Srinagar airports.

Delhi to Pahalgam If you are planning to travel to the exotic hill station Pahalgam in Kashmir from Delhi, there are many trains that you can avail which will take you to Jammu Tawi which is the main railway junction in the state. The closest railway station to Pahalgam is Udhampur station where also some trains come directly from Delhi.

There are numerous trains which come from all parts of the country to Delhi and proceed onto Jammu Tawi. The Jammutawi Express, Sarvodaya Express, Aii Jat Express, Jammu Mail are some of the many trains which one can avail from Delhi to arrive at Jammu.

There are only three trains which one can avail to come from Delhi to Udhampur and then proceed onto Pahalgam. Uttar  Kranti, Jammu Mail and Dli Uhp Special are the three trains which come to Udhampur. From here Pahalgam is about 200 km which is a 3 hr drive by bus or taxi which are readily available.

One can also use Delhi route maps to cover the distance from Delhi to Pahalgam by road. The total distance from Delhi to Pahalgam is 868 km and would take 14 to 15 hours of continuous drive to cover. Most of the part is wide, motorable roads, especially upto Srinagar. The changing scenaries and the diverse countryside provide unbeatable experiences and view of the country like no other. There are many road maps available online as well as at tourist offices which can provide helpful direction while traveling. One can make stops at important towns such as Panipat, Ambala, Ludhiana, Jammu, Srinagar before finally reaching Pahalgam.

There are also numerous state and private air conditioned bus and taxi services which one can avail to travel conveniently and in comfort.

The distance from Delhi to Pahalgam makes for an interesting and picturesque journey for those who undertake the same.

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