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Jitendra Pahalgam

Many who visit the state of Jammu and Kashmir, have many places in mind to cover in order to get a glimpse of the rich natural beauty of this mountainous state. If you are to cover the Pahalgam to Jammu distance, you may wish to stop by the capital city of Srinagar and other places before you proceed to the hill resort of Pahalgam.

If you are visiting Jammu, it is known as the winter capital of the state of Jammu and Kashmir and is on lower altitude than the other parts of the state. The city is rich with historical monuments, especially temples. Raja Jamboo Lochan is credited with having founded the city way back in the 14th century. As per legend, he came by this region while out hunting and he witnessed a tiger alongside a goat drinking water from the same pond. Struck by this sight, he decided to build a city on this very place where the strong and the weak may co-exist in harmony. Named after him, Jamboo was the original name of the region which finally became distorted and came to be known as Jammu.

Jammu to Pahalgam Jammu has been a centre of art and culture in northern India, especially since the rule of the Dogra kings in the 18th century. It is known for the Pahari school of paintings amongst different types of art and culture.

There are many ways of reaching Jammu. One can get here by flight from different cities such as Delhi, Srinagar, Amritsar, Chandigarh amongst others. There is also the Jammu Tawi railway junction where trains from all over the country come, especially from Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai and Amritsar. There are smooth, motorable highways which connect Jammu with other parts of the state.

Many people who are traveling on the pilgrimage tour of Amarnath, cover the distance from Jammu to Pahalgam and then continue on to Amarnath cave. The distance between Jammu and Pahalgam is 315 km which can be covered by many bus or taxi services which ply regularly. One can make advance booking from the state tourist offices in Jammu or in other places, especially during shravan months and summer months when there is heavy tourist traffic.

Once tourists arrive at Pahalgam, they can stay at a wide range of hotels and resorts which are available here. There are many recreational activities which one can do such as trekking, pony riding, rafting and others while there are many picturesque view points and natural places to visit such as the Baisaran meadow, the Tulian lake and others.

Thus, the journey from Jammu to Pahalgam is a common journey undertaken by many tourist on a Jammu and Kashmir tourism package and there are many travel options available for tourists.

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