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Jitendra Pahalgam

Pahalgam is an idyllic hill resort in Kashmir. It is one of the welcome breaks for city weary travelers since Pahalgam not only offers the fresh, mountain air, but scenic views of the mountains and the river valley as well as it has many recreational activities to offer tourists who come here.

Located at a height of 2130 m above sea level, Pahalgam was initially just a town full of shepherds which later was discovered as an ideal resting place for pilgrims on their way to the Amarnath cave. With the added outdoor activities and other scenic sightseeing places that were discovered in and around Pahalgam, it has become one of the desired summer destinations for many tourists from the plains.

Pahalgam The main tourist season in Pahalgam is from March to November; the last few months become increasingly cold after which the temperature reaches sub zero levels and most of the hotels are closed in Pahalgam.

For those who are traveling during the peak tourist season from March to June or during the pilgrimage months of July and August and even for the winter festivals, they need to be equipped with some essential information in case of emergences that can arise.

In case of untoward incidents occurring such as theft or robbery whereby assistance is required from the local police, one can contact the local police station located at Anantnag district. The contact number of Pahalgam police station is 01932-243228 where one should promptly inform in case of any thefts, robberies or if met with any harassment from the locals.

For emergencies related to fire, electrical short circuits or any fire related hazards, one must always keep handy the contact number of the local fire services which is 01936 24 3222.

There are other emergency numbers that one must always keep handy while traveling. In mountainous areas such as Pahalgam, one might face unforeseen medical emergencies for which prompt attention from medical centers would be required. Adventure camps and tours come with their own first aid camps to treat immediate injuries that can occur to participants while taking part in recreational activities such as trekking, rock climbing, rafting and other adventurous sports. There is an absence of comprehensive medical hospitals in Pahalgam but one can seek medical care in Srinagar or Jammu, the two cities nearby Pahalgam.

Thus, one should be armed with these emergency numbers and contact information when traveling to Pahalgam.

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