Pahalgam Map

Jitendra Pahalgam

Pahalgam is a preferred hill destination for many in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Amongst the many hill stations in North India, Pahalgam is a frequently visited destination. There are many ways of reaching Pahalgam, especially by road. It is located at a distance of 868 km from Delhi and at a distance of 315 km from Jammu.

For those who are adventurous to travel to Pahalgam by themselves by road, there are many road maps available online or at the tourist information centers. If one is traveling from Srinagar, the distance to be covered is 96 km. The mountainous roads may be difficult to maneuver by novice drivers and it is advisable that, one takes on private hired taxis or go by bus when traveling by road to Pahalgam. There are breathtaking views to be had on the way to Pahalgam and the journey is unique by itself.

Pahalgam Map

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