Pahalgam – Place where you find your inner peace

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Out of the various places in Kashmir, Pahalgam emerges as one that is an unquestionable requirement see. Pahalgam has a lot of touring places, making it one of the go-to goals for a wide range of explorers, from family to couples and corporate groups, etc. Situated at a tallness of 7200 ft, Pahalgam, called the ‘Valley of Shepherds’, is a grand slope station in Kashmir where extraordinary numerous Bollywood motion pictures have been shot. Roosted at the convergence of Lidder River and the Sheshnag Lake, Pahalgam is included by thickly rich pine woodlands, shocking vistas of meadows and the snow-clad Himalayan mountains. The best time to go to Pahalgam, is from the beginning of March month to finish of November.


Pahalgam is situated in the western piece of the province of Jammu and Kashmir, in the northern district of India. It is situated at an elevation of 2130 m above ocean level in the midst of the incomparable Himalayan range.  Pahalgam is 95 km east of Srinagar. The climate in Pahalgam is elevated. Summers (April-June) are mellow while winters (November-February) are cold. It encounters rains among July and September. It encounters substantial snowfall from December to February.

Pahalgam is a lovely valley, and the Lidder River going through it makes it much increasingly beautiful. The waterway is one of the most loved spots for trout angling in the nation. Boating is likewise sorted out at this stream. Here are 10 fascinating activities when you are in Pahalgam.

1. Camping: With is lush gardens and greenest grass you will ever see will make you want to go camping even if you are not an adventurous person. It is suggested to bring your own adult sleeping bag as well as kids sleeping bag if you have any kid, as there are no shops nearby to provide you with sleeping bags.

2. Visit Club Park: most established stops in Pahalgam. It is swarmed, explicitly on ends of the week. The greenery enclosure mixes splendidly with its encompassing slopes and stream running close-by and looks progressively like a normally made greenhouse

3. Stop at Aru Village: . It is a lovely town, visited by a long shot lesser voyagers and is more quiet than Pahalgam.The ride from Pahalgam to Aru has probably the most beautiful perspectives. Horse rides are composed on the delicate slants at Aru.

4. Go outdoors at Lidder Valley: Lidder valley is a well known camp ground. open town, Aru.

5. Trout angling at Lidder River: If you need to enjoy some angling, there is no preferred spot over Pahalgam. As much fun all things considered, it doesn’t come shabby. Angling licenses are issued just in Srinagar by the Fisheries anglers for this situation) however it tends to be very costly. With a grant I’m informed that one can get in excess of six fishes. So pretty much it is a give and take process yet a sensational experience inside and out. Pahalgam is in this way otherwise called a ‘fishermen heaven.

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