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Jitendra Pahalgam

Pahalgam is a hill resort in the northern state of India, the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This state, located mostly in the Himalayas, has beautiful valleys in which many quaint towns are nested, Pahalgam being one of them. This town, whose name signifies the valley of the shepherds in the local language, gained popularity as a hill resort in the twentieth century when it was discovered as a valley town of exquisite beauty by mostly pilgrims on their way to the Amarnath cave.

The town of Pahalgam is located at an altitude of 2130 m above the sea level. It is at the confluence of two mountainous rivers, Aru and Sheshnag and the Lidder river runs through it. These are all small rivers which originate in the glaciers of the snow capped mountains nearby and hence, provide running water and greenery in the valleys below where the quaint towns and villages are located.

Weather in Pahalgam Pahalgam was one such town which has now gained prominence as a hill resort in India. There are many tourists who flock to this place especially during the summers and those who are winter sports enthusiasts, come to this place inspite the chilling winters.

The Pahalgam weather is pleasant and cool in summer, similar to Kashmir weather in the various valleys. The months from March to June are warm and pleasant when the temperatures range from 12 to 22°C. The consecutive months, July to October see scanty rainfall as the influence of the monsoons are absent here. Intermittent showers are found during this period and the weather can become very humid.

Winter in Pahalgam sets in from November and continues till the month of February. During the peak winter months, the temperature dips below sub zero levels and the entire region is covered with snow. The views of the snow covered terrains are a beauty to be experienced by tourists who dare to come during the winter months.

Most of the tourist traffic flows from March to November and people come for adventure sports, leisure holidays, pilgrimage tours en route to Amarnath and even to participate in the winter sports. However, due to poor infrastructure in these places, tourists often face dilemmas such as power failures during the night or absence of heating system in hotels. Hence, it is best to equip oneself with necessary amenities such as torches, blankets and so forth when traveling to small towns in the state of Kashmir like Pahalgam.

Thus, the Pahalgam weather is unique in different seasons and holds a different flavor each season for different types of tourisms.

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